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M. Krafchow

 Moshe Krafchow

Moshe Krafchow was born in New York and moved to Israel when he was five years old. The most memorable part of his childhood was wandering in the mountains of northern Israel picking fruit in the forest, including apples, grapes, figs, mulberries, cactus, pomegranates, and more. Moshe moved to northern New York state when he was fifteen and remembers wondering why there was no food in the forest. After Moshe finished high school and spent some time in college, he joined the navy where he was trained as a submarine nuclear reactor operator. After eight years in the navy, Moshe returned to college and began thinking in a very serious way about the health of the forest, the food from the forest, and the available nutritional output. Moshe conducted some basic research in rehabilitating urban forests using simple silvicultural techniques. Moshe moved to San Diego in 2008 and have been testing the methods he developed on urban forest areas and has seeing positive results. Moshe currently works with local governments, the private sector, and academic institutions to implement these methods to help our local forest achieve a better health condition, which will make them less prone to wildfire and support more wild life. Moshe’s hope is that his children and grandchildren will be able to experience running around in the local forest and eating from its trees.




Global Forest Link students in San Diego and Russia conduct a live interview and Q&A with Moshe Krafchow, silvicultural expert and founder of TreeCulture. Connecting students with field experts increases their understanding and perspective about forest health and the implications (due to fires, drought, insect infestation, logging, human development, climate change, environmental stress, excessive forest density, etc.).