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Astrakhan “Uspeh”

We are from Astrakhan, a city in the Russian federation and the oldest economic and cultural center of the Volga and Caspian Sea regions. It is often called Russia’s southern outpost and the “Caspian capital,” and is on the list of 115 “historically valuable” Russian cities. Astrakhan is located in the upper part of the Volga delta, on eleven islands of the Caspian depression. The city has been multicultural for much of its history, and today it is home to over 100 ethnicities, 14 religious confessions, and seventeen cultural societies.

The “Success” Creativity Center, a supplementary educational institution, opened December 1st, 1955. We support over two thousand young people from 4 to 18 years old.

Our group leader: Galina Alekseevna Sokolova is head of “Swift,” an organization where children learn about ecology outdoors. She is a supplementary education pedagogue. Galina says, “I love exploring the world with children; it is the most important part of my life! My students come from different schools, but they always work together at Swift. Our GFL participants represent: V. V. Razuvaev Lyceum No. 2 – 7th and 8th graders Polina P., Tamara Y., Yelizaveta H., Maria K., Artуom L., Tatyana K, Natalya V., Yelizaveta G., and Astrakhan Secondary School No. 55 – 6th and 8th graders Yana D., Anastasia Y., Yelizaveta L, and Daniel F..