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RF, Perm Krai, Tchaikovsky, Center for Young Naturalists

Fall 2016

“Youth center for tourism and ecology”, was formed as a result of the optimization of two educational centers of additional curriculum: MAU DO “Youth Center of Tourism and Excursions” and MAU DO “Center of Young Naturalists”. The team consists of a mobile group of young forest rangers, “Green Patrol”, which was organized in the children’s association “Friends of Nature” at the MAU DO “Center of Young Naturalists” with the participation of the “Tchaikovsky Forestry”.

We are from the city of Tchaikovsky Perm Krai, Russian Federation. The city of Tchaikovsky is known since the year 1955 as a workers’ settlement due to the construction of Votkinsk hydroelectric power station on the Kama River. The name of “Tchaikovsky” is in honor of the great Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who was born in Votkinsk (37 kilometers from Tchaikovsky). The city of Tchaikovsky is young, green, and cozy; it is surrounded by water on three sides: Kama River, Votkinsk reservoir, and the Gulf of Saygatka River. On the site of the future city, there was a small village of Saygatka, first mentioned in history in 1646.

We are from Tchaikovsky City in the Perm Krai, Russian Federation. Tchaikovsky is located west of the Ural Mountains. The city is a peninsula, with the Kama River to the west, the Votkinsk Reservoir to the north and northwest, and the Saigatka Estuary to the east. Tchaikovsky is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests, and is unusually picturesque and well-maintained.

We are an independent educational institution, the Center for Young Naturalists. Our GFL participants are members of “Antaeus,” a school forestry club. “Antaeus” was organized at our Center, with help from the Tchaikovsky and Sosnova environmental clubs. It has members in seven local schools, and students here work to increase environmental awareness, study nature, and conserve and regrow forests, while preparing for future careers.

 Our group leaders: Galina Anatolievna Medzhitova is head of “Antaeus,” and Lilia Vyacheslavovna Udovichenko is a supplementary education pedagogue. Our GFL student participants are 8th graders Timofey M., Daniel K., Angelina O., and Maxim V., and 9th grader Lyudmila T..