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Rezh City, Sverdlovsk Oblast School #2

We are from Rezh City, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russian Federation. Peter the Great founded Rezh in 1773. Our city started with an ironworks, and its name comes from Rezh River. It is known for the nearby mines, where famous tourmalines, topazes, amethysts, corundums, and other precious gemstones were found. Also, the Rezh region is the birthplace of Danila Zverev, real-life prototype of “Master Danila,” a well-known Russian folk-tale character.

Secondary School No. 2 opened September 1st, 1987, and we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary next year. With 729 students, 34 classrooms, and its own gym, theater, and ski lodge, it is one of the largest and most modernized schools in the city.

Our group leader: Anastasia Vladimirovna Fedorovskaya is a geography teacher. Our team members are sixth graders Yelizaveta K., Darya K., Alina K., and Victoria S..