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RF, Kaluga Oblast, Lyudinovo, School #2

Fall 2016

Our school opened in 1937, and is one of the oldest educational institutions of the city. 832 students attend, and 59 professors work here. Our school is the largest and most prestigious educational institution in Lyudinovsky District, of the Kaluga region. Our students are taught by qualified teachers, ensuring quality education in modern conditions. The school is on the roster for “Leading educational institutions of Russia.” The motto of our school, which serves as a stimulus for further development is- “learn, create, strive for success!”

We are from the city of Lyudinovo, Kaluga Oblast, Russian Federation. The city is situated on the river Nepolot, 151 km from Kaluga, and 350 km from Moscow.

Spring 2016

We are from Lyudinovo City in the Kaluga Oblast, Russian Federation. Lyudinovo lies on the Nepolod’ River (the Desna watershed), 151 kilometers away from Kaluga and 350 – from Moscow.

Secondary School No. 2 opened in 1937. We have 832 students and 59 teachers. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city, and the largest and most prestigious school in Lyudinovo. Teachers are qualified and adept at providing students with a modern education, and we are on the list of Russia’s leading educational institutions. “Learn, create, strive for success!”is our motto and motivation for further progress.

Our group leader: Angela Grigorievna teaches chemistry and computer science. She is a renowned public education worker in the Russian Federation and won the priority nationwide “Education” project in 2007 and 2014. Our GFL student participants are 8th graders Sophia K., Alexandra S., Kirill D., and Yulia P., as well as Yulia S. (7th grade) and Irina S. (11th grade).