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RF, Kaluga Oblast, Mosalsk, School # 1

Fall 2016

Our school started its work September 1st, 1934, yet the actual building was constructed in 1906. This year, our school celebrates its 110th anniversary! Twenty four teachers work at the school, and there are 283 students. In addition, we hold various sporting events.

We are from the city Moslask, Kaluga Oblast, Russian Federation. The city is located in the western part of the Kaluga Oblast, 80 km from the city of Kaluga. Mosalsk was first mentioned in history in the year 1231, and this year the city will have its 785th anniversary. The city is not too big; the population is around 4,000 inhabitants. The economy of the city is agriculture-oriented, and there are a few dairy farms.

Spring 2016

We are from Mosalsk City in the Kaluga Oblast, Russian Federation. Mosalsk is located in the western part of the oblast, 80 kilometers away from Kaluga city. Our town was first mentioned in historical sources in 1231, and this year it will be 785 years old. It is not very large, with only about 4,000 people. Our economy is based on agriculture, and we have several modernized dairy farms.

Mosalsk Secondary School No. 1 opened September 1st, 1934, but the building was constructed in 1906. This year, we are celebrating our 110th anniversary! We have 24 teachers and 283 students, and we hold many sports events.

Our group leader: Olga Valentinovna Martynovna teaches geography and biology. Our GFL student participants are Anton R. (10th grade) and Evgeniya Y. (8th grade).