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RF, Vladimir Oblast, Sokol, Sokol School

Fall 2016

Our school is the best because it is comfortable, beautiful, our teachers are the very best, and it is a place where everyone wants to learn. Our class is very friendly, light-hearted, and outgoing. We have a lot of energy, help each other, and never leave anyone behind. We call our team “Forest Brothers” while our motto is “More actions, less words”.

We live in military town of Sokol. It is located on the shore of the river Nerl, on the edge of the forest. 10 kilometers from Sokol is the Bogolyubov meadow and the famous church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Our surrounding forest can be seen from the windows of our school; it is filled with berries and mushrooms. As a school, we hold runs and races during physical education in the forest. Furthermore, as a class, we take walks, guard anthills, and clean up trash in the forest.