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RF, Voronezh Oblast, Pavlovsk, School #2

Fall 2016

Pavlovsk’s Middle School Number 2 was opened in September of 1973. At the current time, 1043 students attend this school. This is the biggest school in the Pavlovsk region, and one of the largest schools in Voronezh Oblast. Since 2000, Pavlovsk’s middle school #2 acts like a students’ scientific society. The main direction of activity of the school is the study and conservation of the Pavlovsk Pridonya.

The city of Pavlovsk is in the south of the Voronezh area on the river Don. It was founded in 1709 by order of Peter I. Here there were ships built for the Navy. Near Pavlovsk, there is an oak grove forest, Shipov Forest. Granite is mined in the city, and is one of Europe’s largest mine sites.