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RF, Moscow, School #827

Fall 2016

School #827, North-western Administrative District of the city of Moscow opened in 1972. Throughout these years the school has actively developed and modernized; at the current time it functions as a specialized educational institution. The school pursues training and education of children, ability of intellectual thought-processing, creative research activity, and social adaptation. The school has developed a steady trend of constant search for new forms of implementation of a student-centered approach to education. Currently, the school continues to search for and test high-quality, innovative educational programs.

We live and study in the capital of Russia- Moscow, hero city. This year, it was Moscow’s 869th anniversary. In terms of biological diversity, the capital of Russia is ahead of any metropolis in the world. In the city, not only planted forests were preserved, like in Europe, but natural forests with naturally growing plants, as well. The Red Book of Moscow holds records of more than 480 species of animals, plants and fungi.