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Tambovsk Oblast, Vernadsky School Environmental Club

We are from the 1st compartment of the “Uplift” state farm (Vernadovka village), in the Pichaevsky District, Tambovsk Oblast, Russian Federation. Vernadovka is home to the former estate of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, a great Russian scientist. Vernadsky was first to popularize the concepts of “biosphere” and “noosphere,” and is a renowned thinker and public figure. He regularly visited his Vernadovka estate, and his charity and educational programs greatly impacted nearby villages. Vernadsky was involved in opening schools and hospitals, building a road, and giving many types of help to those who needed it. Research that he conducted here provided him with extensive material for later scientific studies.

The Vernadsky School Environmental Club opened in February 2013, in the Vernadsky branch of Pichaevsky Secondary School. The club aspires to help students become active citizens, develop positive feelings and a scientific interest towards nature, become more knowledgeable about conserving and regrowing forests, learn basic survival skills, and also prepare for future careers.

Our group leader: Lyubov’ Anatolievna Safronova is head of the school forestry club and a geography teacher. Our GFL student participants: Vyacheslav P. (7th grade), Alina Z., Ilya N., and Angelina K. (5th grade), and Victoria D., Irina A., Olga E., and Lyubov’ G. (8th grade).