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Tver, School # 46

We are from Tver City in the Russian Federation. Tver Oblast, famous for its scenery, is at the heart of Russia. Picturesque forests cover more than half of the oblast, and more than 800 rivers with a total distance of 17,000 kilometers, headed by the great Volga, flow through the Tver countryside. Merchant Afanasy Nikitin, one of the first Europeans to travel to India, set off on his famous Journey Beyond Three Sees from Tver, by the Volga River.

Tver Oblast contains 36 regions and 23 cities, the largest and most famous being Rzhev, Torzhok, and Vyshny Volochyek.

Tver, administrative center of the Tver Oblast and one of the most ancient Russian cities, is situated at the conflux of three rivers – the Volga, Tvertsa, and T’maka. Because of its location between two alternating capitals (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Tver has been at the center of historic events for many centuries and has developed its own unique character. A famous landmark here is the Old Volga Bridge, a miraculous feat of engineering with only one architectural counterpart in the entire world – the Liberty Bridge in Budapest.

Secondary School No. 46 opened in 1946. Today we have 1050 students. Beginning in 10th grade, students choose a specialized curriculum – scientific, social-economic, information & technology, physics & mathematics, etc.. Since 2010, our school has participated in “School of Health,” a pilot project aimed at accommodating students with disabilities. Our alumni leave with an excellent knowledge base, and are frequently admitted to the nation’s best universities.

Our group leader: Tatyana Viktorovna Medovnikova teaches geography. Our GFL student participants are 7th graders Valentina B., Anna K., Alexandra P., Kristina M., and Artyom D., and 9th graders Anastatsia P., Nikita F., and Nikita I..