How do we combat deforestation?

There are many things you, as an individual, can do to combat deforestation. Turning off the light when you leave the room, using both sides of the paper, and taking a shorter shower are a few examples.See this page for 50 simple ways you can help the environment:

However, you might feel like this will change little in the greater scheme of things – and in a way, you’re right. We created Global Forest Link so that people could work together to improve the condition of forests around the world. 

Here are four ways we help conserve forests:

Creating a database of student-made forest photos and information about them that scientists can use for environmental research.

Teaching students to analyze environmental changes using satellite-based images from Global Forest Watch and other sources.

Enabling young people from the US and Russia to communicate about environmental issues.

Helping students write stories and share them online and on local media to foster environmental awareness.